Here are some examples of my work.

Motion Graphics 

Motion Graphics can be very Helpful in getting your point accross and delivering your message in digital media.

3D Modeling

Any thing can be developed into a 3D model. I just need your 2D drawings.

Bar Design Options

Optional bar designs for a restuarant.

Concept Visuals

Ideal for the customer to see the finished project before its built.

Luxury Villa

Off plan visualisation to aid with sales and marketing requirements.


Working alongside Interior designers, I can create a detailed visual to give the client a realistic vision of what they are paying for.

Celler Bar Design

Converted cellar and contemporary bar design.

3D Modeling

3d Modeling doesn't just have to be for developers and the contruction industry.

I can create anything into 3D and animate if required.

Mechanical Visualisation

Working from 2D plans in jpeg, PDFs and various other formats, I can create scaled, detailed visuals to aid with sales and marketing requirements.

Skid Animation

Working from 2D draftmans drawings I brought this skid to life for the client to see exactly what he was paying for.

Please click to view animation.

House extension animation

Working from architectects drawings I can supply you with 3D animation of your proposed project.

Please click to view animation.

Proposed Sports Pavilion Animation

Since I created this animation, more money has become available and a bigger pavilion is now got the go ahead.

Please click to view animation.

3D Animation

Examples of animation and video editing.

Please click to view animation.