3D Steel Visuals and animation

Working from sketches, PDFs and dwgs, I create 3D visualisations from 2D drawings and 3D models.

I'm either given a 2D sketch/drawing which I develop into 3D or a 3D model where I add textures, lighting and cameras, to give the client a realistic visualisation of the finished project.

I can also animate installations to help prepare tender submissions.

I was recently involved with one of the country’s leading fabricators in helping them prepare their tender submissions on some prestigious commercial offices in London.

This particular project, I was supplied a 3D Cad drawing and a story board for the building sequence.

Click for animation.

I was approached by a fabrication company to supply a 3D visual of a proposed glass and stainless handrail for a shopping centre in London. On this particular project, I was only supplied a sketch on a piece of paper with some measurements. The contractors only gave them the job if they supplied a visualisation.

Avis Roof Visualisation

I was supplied a 3D drawing of the steel work from a colleague whose client asked for a colour visual of the proposed roof addition.

Developing 3D modeling in various styles from supplied 2D drawing